I found that the best time for finding subjects to photo was while the family was asleep, as this let me roam around Sydney a bit without any complaints from the wife and kids. I found that Hyde Parke offered a few opportunities and the centerpiece had to be the Archibald Fountain, of which you will find several photos below. It was designed by Fran├žois Sicard and donated by J.F. Archibald in 1932 to honor Australia’s contribution to World War I in France. When you consider the size and beauty of the fountain you would agree this was quite a sizable donation.

The fountain featured many mythical subjects. This one is of a Theseus slaying a minotaur.

Minotaur and Warrior

A naked bloke with a couple of goats. Not sure who he is, but probably, to keep with the theme, he is some Greek god or other.

Mythical Man and Goats

Next is Dianna the goddess of purity who appears topless revealing that a woman’s bare chest was quite acceptable in the 30’s as long as it was art related.

Topless female Warrior

Apollo, the centerpiece of the fountain.

Archibald Fountain

A shot of the fountain with St. Mary’s Cathedral in the background. More photos of this stunning cathedral will be posted soon.


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When framing or composing your photo it is sometimes a good idea to look deeper into your subject. One of the things that you notice a lot of in Sydney is it’s tall buildings and a lot of people try to take a photo with some sort of skyline in the background. With this shot I zoomed in and focused on a portion of the windows of the building as I thought this would make a good photo.

Reflections Of Sydney

I’m pretty pleased with the result as it gives it a look of a painting that some modern artist painted.

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