Yeah, I know some of you are going to call me a big girl because I love taking photos of flowers, but what can I say, flowers are really pretty, and can make for some really stunning photos.  The fact that no two flower is really alike means that there is always a huge scope for the amateur photographer to show his stuff.

Roses always make a popular photographic subject. You may pick a pinkish one;

Pink Rose

A red one, whose petals look almost velvety;

Red Rose


Then again, perhaps one with a yellowish tinge to it.

Pale Yellow Rose

Perhaps we should take a shot of a single tulip;

Colorful Flower

Or a bed of tulips;

Flower  Garden

Whatever you choose you can be sure that the lighting you choose can make all the difference;

Red Flower

They can be a delicate simple flower;

Violet Flower

Or and intricate busy one complete with bugs.

Onion Flower

Whatever flower you choose, you can be sure that photo options they can provide is almost endless.

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