Although I’ve covered taking photos of reflections in a couple of previous posts, mainly Reflections Of Sydney and Reflections On Glass, A Religious  Photo,  I wanted to paste a few more photos that I took of different buildings whilst in Sydney.

You will notice that when taking these sorts of photos the type of building as well as the subject of the reflection can make all the difference. You should therefore keep that in mind when picking your subjects as well as framing your shots.

This first one, unlike the one in the previous post, has larger darker frames which give the photo a completely different look. Also I panned out a bit in this shot so the reflection included a lot more subject matter in the surroundings.

This next two were of the same building but taken on different days.


I played did a bit of a touch up with this next photo using ACDSee. All it took was a click of the mouse and I think it made a whole lot of difference.


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