Whilst visiting Sydney and strolling down Hyde Park I couldn’t help but notice this beautiful Cathedral. I just had to get a closer look at what to me is the most beautiful building I have seen for some time.

The building turned out to be St, Mary’s Cathedral. It was designed in 1865 by William Wilkinson Wardell, but the spires themselves were not completed until it’s Jubilee Year 2000.

It’s not surprising, being Sydney and all, that St. Mary’s has it’s own web page which is full of information including Mass times, and a history of the church.

While this is a fairly good shot of St Mary’s Cathedral it looks a little cluttered because there is too much going on in the background.

st marys Cathedral Sydney

I find this next shot makes the cathedral stand out so much more, as it should.

st marys cathedral

Next post I’ll show you some shots of the beautiful interior.

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