I reckon no matter how many photos there are of any one subject it would be pretty hard to find two that are completely identical. This is because there are so many factors involved in the taking of any one subject. These factors would include lighting, the camera, camera lens, the person taking the photo, and the where that person is standing and how he or she is framing the shot.

The last one is all to do with perspective. You may be some distance away and having to zoom in or you may be close to the subject causing you to use more of a wide angle shot. A lot also depends on the angle of the shot and how that particular angle may include different facets of the background and I’m sure we will all agree that the background has a lot to do with the composition of any particular photo.

Take these series of shots, they’re all of the same subject but each one is different. The funny thing is that not everyone will have the same opinion as to which shot they like the most.

This series is of a dead tree standing in the middle of Sydney somewhere. I came across it when I was walking to the Sydney Markets and what made it stand out to me was the way some of the branches were painted gold. I reckon it must have some significance and if anyone knows what that is I would appreciate you leaving a comment.

Gold Tree

tree gold

Tree Silhouette

Personally I like the last one the best as I like the silhouette look it has against the sky background.

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