After my last post, My Honest Evaluation Of Dreamstime, I’ve decidedto make it a regular feature, partly as a journal of my experience with them but mainly so that others can learn from my experience.

As you can see from that last post I haven’t had much luck getting my photos accepted by Dreamstime and this latest batch hasn’t fared any better. For this latest shoot I decided to go for a little drive to Gumeracha, a small town in South Australia, that is famous for it’s rocking horse. As you can see from the following photos it’s no ordinary rocking horse, it’s actually the largest rocking horse in the world.

OK, so let’s look at the first photo I submitted.

Rocking Horse

I lucked out with this one as it got rejected for the following reason.

– Lack of composition. Please visit the Stock Photo Utilities section of our site or the message boards for more information on how to produce stock-oriented images.
– Poor color: this image has a low color profile and needs improvement in order to increase its sales potential. You can process your image with color enhancement software, such as Photoshop, giving it the appeal it needs.
– Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposure.
White balance parameter was not correctly assigned.

OK, this white balance parameter has me mystified as it’s set to automatic so I’m not sure where they’re coming from there.

As for PhotoShop, seeing as how that keeps coming up I thought that perhaps I should get hold of a copy. So I went online and bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 & Adobe Premiere Elements 8 so that I would have a complete editing package. Now, seeing as I’m not one to spend too much time playing around with stuff I decided to go for the one click enhance feature, and this was the result.

Rocking HorseEdit

Not too bad I thought, and it was so easily done too. I resubmitted the photo and I thought that this one would pass muster for sure. Nope, missed out again.

– Lack of composition. Please visit the Stock Photo Utilities section of our site or the message boards for more information on how to produce stock-oriented images.
Image subject is too specific or niche-oriented. The primary goal of a stock image is to be generic and match as many usage types as possible. Your image is not generic enough and will not generate significant sales. Please try to recreate/rephotograph the scene differently and/or use this info for more generic images in the future.

Lack of composition huh? Well I can’t really fix that without taking the photo again and if I do that I can’t use the resubmit feature, which is faster than submitting the photo from scratch.

I’m not sure bout the “specific or niche-oriented” aspect of it. Anyway, I figured I would upload a new photo that was already enhanced using PhotoShop.


Struck out AGAIN!

– The image contains elements that might be protected by copyright/trademark (logos, brands, specific buildings etc.), can identify a property/product (letters, numbers), or could raise usage problems, therefore it doesn’t qualify as a RF stock image. Analyze the photo closely and remove these elements if possible or try to obtain a property release. Read more:
– Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposure.

WTF! I would have thought that the guys who own the rocking horse, being a very popular tourist resort, would have loved the exposure and would therefore not complain if I used the photo. But then again I suppose their just covering themselves.  I’m sure not about to obtain a property release. As for the poor lighting setup, it was an overcast day so there’s not much I could do about that, other than driving out again when the conditions would be more favorable.

I went and had a look at some of the rocking horses they had already accepted, and sure I may be somewhat biased, but I reckon mine was better than some a whole lot of those I found online.

So far I think that Dreamstime is a little lacking when it comes down to assessing member’s photos. They shouldn’t assume that all members are experts at what they do, and that perhaps some, such as myself, may need a little more help with their photos. Also if a photo just isn’t good enough I would rather they said that outright rather than waste my time trying to fix it.

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