After the post on Experiment By Taking Photos From Different Angles I decided I would do another series of photos on the same subject. It’s of the Serbian Orthodox Church of St Salva which I featured on my ScenicAdelaide blog.

What really stood out about this remarkable church is the many domes it had, five in all. It wasn’t the best of days as it was overcast but at least it allowed even lighting for the photos. Naturally I could use the same technique I portrayed in my post about changing the sky but I prefer to leave it the way it is.

That’s enough for now, let’s get on with the photos. The tallest tower in this first photo is actually the bell tower. I bet you it rings loudly on those religious occasions.


Serbian Domes2

For this next one I just got a bit closer, changing the angle, so I could get a different perspective.

Serbian Domes3

Finally there is this last shot. I particularly like this one because the angles are a stark contrast to the curves of the spherical domes.

Serbian Domes


Of the three which one is your favourite and what is it about the photo that makes it better than the rest.

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