OK, the last post was all about Walking Around Your Subject To Get A Different View and I’ve also done one on How A Different Perspective Can Change The Photo. Let’s not forget the post on How Perspective Can Change A Photo or the one on Experiment By Taking Photos From Different Angles.  In each of those posts I told you something about what I thought made them unique and I’m hoping that each one of them taught my readers something new, something that would enable them to take better photos.

In this post, rather than teaching you something, I want to present you with a series of photos and I want you to tell me which one you think is the best and why you chose that particular photo.

Blumberg Hotel

Naturally I expect more than just a simple I like first photo best.

Beer Truck

That’s why I want you to tell me why you like a particular photo.


Keeping in mind that not writing enough content in your comment just for the sake of getting some link juice will only get your comment deleted 😉

Blumberg Hotel

So, there you have it, so check them out and leave a comment keeping in mind that others will be learning from what you have to say and perhaps we’ll all learn something from it.

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