OK, the last post was all about Walking Around Your Subject To Get A Different View and I’ve also done one on How A Different Perspective Can Change The Photo. Let’s not forget the post on How Perspective Can Change A Photo or the one on Experiment By Taking Photos From Different Angles.  In each of those posts I told you something about what I thought made them unique and I’m hoping that each one of them taught my readers something new, something that would enable them to take better photos.

In this post, rather than teaching you something, I want to present you with a series of photos and I want you to tell me which one you think is the best and why you chose that particular photo.

Blumberg Hotel

Naturally I expect more than just a simple I like first photo best.

Beer Truck

That’s why I want you to tell me why you like a particular photo.


Keeping in mind that not writing enough content in your comment just for the sake of getting some link juice will only get your comment deleted 😉

Blumberg Hotel

So, there you have it, so check them out and leave a comment keeping in mind that others will be learning from what you have to say and perhaps we’ll all learn something from it.

I reckon one mistake that is common amongst many amateurs is that they don’t consider the angles of photography. Too many of us look at the subject and center it in the frame thinking that is the best shot, when in actual fact it may not be.

Let’s face it, centering the picture is pretty boring and this is accentuated by the fact that many people do it. Taking it from face on may not be the best angle either. Let’s look at some photos I took of a particular subject, in this instance The Sacred Hearts College Chapel which is found on Brighton Rd Somerton Park South Australia.

Rather than taking it from a distance I got closer to the subject giving the photo a different perspective.

Sacred Heart Angle1

I also tried taking it from a different angle giving me this shot.

Sacred Heart Angle2

I thought that the shadow of the palm tree spoiled the shot a little and other than coming back when the sun was in a different spot I walked back some getting the offending palm tree in the shot seeing if that improved the shot a little.

Sacred Heart Angle3

You could even focus on a particular part of a building to see if that would give you just the shot you are looking for.

Sacred Heart Dome

The beauty about digital cameras, as I have mentioned on more than one occasion, is that it enables you to take a multitude of shots on any given subject, and seeing how this is the case it would be a waste not taking advantage of it. So, instead of just taking one shot of any given subject, take the time to experiment by taking it from different angles and you may be surprised on the outcome.

You may want to check out my Scenic Adelaide blog to see some other photos that I took of Sacred Heart College.

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