Yeah, I know some of you are going to call me a big girl because I love taking photos of flowers, but what can I say, flowers are really pretty, and can make for some really stunning photos.  The fact that no two flower is really alike means that there is always a huge scope for the amateur photographer to show his stuff.

Roses always make a popular photographic subject. You may pick a pinkish one;

Pink Rose

A red one, whose petals look almost velvety;

Red Rose


Then again, perhaps one with a yellowish tinge to it.

Pale Yellow Rose

Perhaps we should take a shot of a single tulip;

Colorful Flower

Or a bed of tulips;

Flower  Garden

Whatever you choose you can be sure that the lighting you choose can make all the difference;

Red Flower

They can be a delicate simple flower;

Violet Flower

Or and intricate busy one complete with bugs.

Onion Flower

Whatever flower you choose, you can be sure that photo options they can provide is almost endless.

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I tried to take a photo of this naked lady inside but the light wasn’t quite right. The flash was useless because although there was no red eye it just made the image of her lovely naked body too harsh. In the end I managed to coax her outside, she was a little worried that the neighbors wouldn’t approved. I told her to stuff the neighbors and she just laughed and followed me outside. The result.

Topless Gold Lady


I have seen many versions of close-ups of a human eye, but normally they are of an older person. I decided to take on of Luca, my five year old nephew. There was no problem getting him to pose for it, in fact I couldn’t get him to stop :lol_ee:

When looking at this photo you can almost see the innocence in this young face. one wonders what he will aspire to or even what dreams that he will have. It surprises me that there are people in this world that strive to take the innocence away from the young of this world, and I am not only talking about child molesters.

Eye Of Youth

I wish to include in this category of stealer’s of innocence those people who try to introduce them to things that they are way too young to comprehend. Do they really need to be exposed to their sexuality at such a young age? Who should decide what and when they should learn these things, their parents or the establishment? I say let them enjoy their sweet innocence while they may as it will be taken away from them all too soon.

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