One thing that you will learn in your endeavor to become a photographer is patience. There will be many occasions when when will find that a good photo just does not come your way, as it will take persistence, and yes sometimes luck, to get just the right shot. Sometimes, say when you want that spectacular landscape shot, you may even have to go back in the hope that the conditions you are looking for are all present.

I reckon it took about 20 different takes before I found a bee who would pose long enough for me to take this particular shot.

Bee On Lavender

You will notice how the DOF makes the bee really stand out. Not too shabby for a small digital. I am planning to get a nice SLR digital camera soon and it will be interesting to see the quality of photos I can post once that happens.

Getting in close to a subject gives it a whole new dimension. Sometimes using DOF will help to make the subject stand out, on other occasions framing it with a contrasting background can also have a remarkable effect.

Most digital cameras will have a ‘macro’ setting that allows you to capture this sort of image, the only thing stopping you is your imagination. Remember with a digital it is best to take a lot of different shots until you get the desired effect.

Raindrops On White Rose

There are many reasons why people take photos and I would say that the most important one is for recording memories. People take photos of memorable occasions such as weddings, the birth of a new baby, christenings, birthday parties or when their daughter’s dog does something unbelievably funny.

Zak The Greenn Dog

This is a photo of my daughter’s dog Zak, but I reckon we should call him The Hulk because of the green complexion he got after rolling in the freshly cut lawn. I almost killed myself running down the steps in my rush to get the camera. There was absolutely no way I was going to let this moment slip by.

This macro shot of the ‘raindrops on red leaves’ just goes to show how photo opportunities exist almost everywhere. Sometimes you just have to look out of the square. getting up close to a subject can sometimes give you a very good composition. I think that the drops themselves give the photo a completely different look than if they were not present. I actually love going outside just after it has rained just to see what new photo opportunities are present.

Remember you don’t have to be a professional to take a good shot, sometimes you just have to be lucky :thumbup_tb:

Raindrops On Red Leaves

There was a time when it was pretty expensive to take a whole lot of photos, what with developing costs and all. Then there was also the disappointment when the photos didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Thankfully, because of the advent of digital cameras this is all in the past. Good reliable digital cameras have come down so much you can get a half decent camera for under $200.

One of the great advantages of the digital camera is the facility to preview each photo taken. This means that you immediately see how each photo turns out and if it isn’t just right you can take shot after shot until you are satisfied.

This shot was taken one beautiful sunset on Hamilton Island.

Hamilton Sunset

This photo was taken with the Casio QV-R4, with an F5 setting and the exposure time was 1/400s.

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